The UFO Crash In Aurora, Texas with special guest Daniel Alan Jones – Episode 9

April 17, 1897, at approximately [6:00]AM residents, were startled from their beds by an “airship” crashing into Judge Proctor’s windmill. From the crash, townspeople pulled the reamins of a small creature. The “creature” was discribed by an Army Signal Corps officer as, “not from this world.” The townspeople felt compelled to bury the pilot in the local cemetery with, “Christian Rights.” 

During the 1970s interest in the crash was renewed and the surviving townspeople, of that fateful day, gave eyewitness tesimony. The local cemetery contains the only known state Historical Marker of an actual “spaceman” having been buried there.

UFOlogist Jim Marrs spent decades researching the event and was able to conduct the interviews during the height of the 1970s renewed interest. Since his passing, a young man has picked up where Jim left off. Daniel Alan Jones worked side-by-side with Mr. Marrs to discover the truth of the Aurora UFO Encounter.

On this episode, Daniel joins us to discuss what Jim’s work had meant to him and to shed some light on his own research into Aurora and his work in the field of Cryptozoology.

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