The U.S. Government Cover-up of UFOs -Episode 7 -Part 1

For decades the United States government has actively covered up events and technology from outside of this planet. But, do they really have a need to keep that information from the citizens? Have they colluded with species from outside of our solar system to wage war on its enemies? Journey down the rabbit hole to discover how they have kept the secrets for so long.

One comment on The U.S. Government Cover-up of UFOs -Episode 7 -Part 1

  • Hello, my name is Michelle and I am from upstate New York. I just discovered your podcasts today on Spotify and I’ve been spending my entire day listening to these captivating conversations. I myself have been very intrigued by alien life forms for as long as I can remember, despite my age being only Thirteen and a half. Towards the end of this podcast, you talked about phobias and I wanted to share the strange phobia I possess. I have an extreme phobia of being alone, whether it be during the day for a brief moment, or being in my bed at night. I always, during those times, feel watched. I try to shrug it off as some sort of paranoia due to the fact that I am alone during those times, but then strange things happen. Often if I walk around, or turn away from where I feel what is watching me is habiting, It feels as if someone or something reaches out and presses their finger directly on my spine. I do not get chills, I just feel like I’m being touched and become startled. Most times to protect myself from that I make a fist and press it against that area on my back. I’ve also had terrifying experiences where there has been something standing in my doorway or hovering nose to nose with me when I wake up. I am truthfully terrified of these events. So much that I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Despite my bone-chilling events, I carry on with my overwhelmed interest with the thought of extraterrestrials existing. I hope as I continue listening to these podcasts you could touch more on the phobia subject if you have not already. I only just finished listening to this podcast. Thank you so much for reading, and I truthfully admire the time and effort you put into these podcasts. Have a nice day.

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