• Versatile RokSprocket

    RokSprocket is a multifaceted extension, for Joomla 2.5 only, that provides for a flexible array of content display options, such as Tabs.

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  • Exquisite Styling

    The twelve style variations are fully customizable via the administrator-based ColorChooser. Easily control colors, patterns and images.

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  • Flexible Navigation

    Choose between the powerful Fusion Menu, a Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu; or the versatile, static, Splitmenu.

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Alien University

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Online classes for anyone wanting to learn or improve their investigation skills. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned field investigator our classes will be available to all.

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  • Field Investigation
    Our courses are designed to help you begin investigating on your own or part of a team.
  • Techniques and Equipment
    Technology has come a long way. Isn't it time that training includes the latest info and equipment?

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Learn how to install the template, extensions and RocketLauncher, with this demo's Installation tutorial.

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Style Setting

The Style Settings panel in the Gantry based theme administration interface provides several options for configuring the main built in stylistic aspects of the template.


Assigning a Style to a Specific Page

With Gantry, the ability to assign a certain style to an individual page has never been easier and/or more efficient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • (J1.5) Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_diametric_j15 → Menu Items → *Menu Item*
  • (J2.5) Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_diametric → Assignments → *Menu Item*

  • (J1.5) Select your preset from Presets → Style Presets, configure and save.
  • (J2.5) Select your preset from Show Presets, configure and save.
Gantry Framework: Per Menu Item Controls

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